Management Team





We at Century Umbrella Industries are headed by Shri Bhagirath Prasad Patwari with his two sons namely Mr. Harish Patwari (Managing Director) and Mr. Uma Shankar Patwari (Director). Mr. Bhagirath Prasad Patwari aged about 65 is having vast knowledge, experience and strong reputation in umbrella business since 1970. Mr. Harish Patwari aged about 35 is a commerce graduate qualified as B.Com and is also the key marketing person for umbrella business since 2000 and Mr. Uma Shankar Patwari aged about 31 is Post Graduate qualified as an EMBA and is looking after finance and business development for corporate sales since 2005.

Company Profile

Century umbrella industries is a leading manufacturer, importer and exporters of all types of umbrella and components in india since 1952. The company holds great experience in importing , exporting umbrella and also operating the factory equipped with sophisticated machineries from india, china , Taiwan and japan . It is a fully integrated unit capable of producing all types of precision umbrella components. the company is well renowned for its quality , quantity and best prices . our highly specialized professionals are always there to provide you with best services. We welcome you to contact us to develop good business relationship .


To provide high quality umbrellas and components to its customers at fair prices . Establish long term business relationship with its all stakeholders, investors, suppliers, buyers and employees. Enhance right technical knowledge, experience, training and working capability of its employees. Reduce fixed and variable costs to maximize profits and shareholders wealth in long term. To serve our customers in utmost best manner and win their heart share, mind share, and atlast overall market share.

To be known , recognized & respected as most trusted supplier both in indian and international markets for umbrella and components .Concentrate, sustain & grow our core business, we do not intend to go for unrelated diversification from our core business in future .
Promotional Umbrellas
Every successful company knows the power of advertising and value of corporate promotion. Promotional umbrellas or corporate promotional umbrellas, rain umbrellas, promotional monsoon umbrellas, raincoats and tents are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, golfing events, corporate events and trade shows. Our promotional printed umbrellas guarantee that your event or business will not be forgotten when the dust settles.

Most promotional material or free gifts get thrown away after the event or stored in a closet somewhere and become forgotten. We offer you a way to keep your company name or logo visible and at the forefront of everyone's mind with a range of umbrellas.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the focal point of all our endeavors and special attention is paid at every stage of the manufacturing process, viz., procurement of raw materials, designing, stitching, embellishment and finishing. Besides these, all our products are subjected to many quality assurance tests for shrinkage, color fast, light fast test, etc. Only A-grade quality products complying with international quality norms are dispatched for sale into the market.